12.0 Expired Operators Report

12.1 Request Data

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Returns a report of operator expiry information.

Note: This action was added to protocol version 1.01.

Required Information
Name Description
action showexpire
operation operator
format xml
rpttype The type of report to create. Acceptable values:

  • date Return operators that will expire within the specified threshold. If no threshold is specified, a threshold of 0 will be assumed.
  • operator Create an expiry report for the specified operator. A target operator must be specified.
Optional Information
location Location to filter with. Text. If provided only operators assigned to that location will be returned. returned. If location is not supplied or an empty location is specified, assets from all locations will be returned.
threshold Threshold to include expiry information in the report. A number of days. Expirations that will occur within the specified number of days are included. If not specified a threshold of 0 will be used.

Note: threshold is not used if rpttype=operator

target The operator to create the report for. If report type is specified as operator this must be supplied.

Note: target is not used if rpttype=date

reqtype Flag to identify the key being used to identify the target operator. Acceptable values:

  • dbid Key is the internal database id number. The most reliable key to use.
  • cdl Key is the operator’s CDL (Commercial Driver’s License number).
  • empnum Key is the operator’s employee number.
  • tag Key is the operator’s Zonar RFID tag number.

Note: reqtype is not used if rpttype=date

expdatetype May be specified for any report type. Only return expiry dates of the specified type. Must be a valid expiry type.
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