2.0 Add an Asset

2.1 Request Data

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Required Information
Name Description
action adminassets
operation add
format xml
fleet Cust assigned ident Any text, 20 char max. Must be unique.
exsid Unique identifier used by the external maint system. Any text, 40 Char max. Must be unique.
location Location name this asset is assigned to. Must be a valid location name.
type Asset type label. Note: clients may request version 1 protocol, in which case the type will default to Standard.
Optional Information
name License tag number. Any text, 20 character max.
logvers logvers can be used to change the output, acceptable values are:

  • 1 Standard output.
  • 2 This adds a new <asset_id> element to the XML output including the asset DBID

Note: If logvers is not supplied, logvers=1 is assumed.

vin Vehicle Identification Number, Any text, 40 char max Must be unique.
inservice The asset inservice date. Unix epoch timestamp. (UTC)
tagid Zonar RFID tag number. Integer, the tagid type combination must be unique if supplied.
mfg Asset manufacturer.
mileoffset Offset to be applied to mileage readings obtained from RFID equipped hubometers in inspections for this asset.
engine_hour_offset The asset engine_hour_offest is derived by taking the difference between the asset’s chronometer and the GPS unit’s chronometer. Most often, the GPS unit’s chronometer will be 0, but this needs to be verified. The gps zones reported in the engine hour are restricted to the last know location of the asset before or at power-off.
radioaddress Address used by wireless data link for hand held download stations.
subtype Label of the subtype for the new asset.
status This gives the option to set an asset to active 1 or inactive 2. If no type is set then the default is active.
homeloi home LOI1 for this asset. Must be a valid LOI name.
odometer_offset Requires start date parameter.
start The date odometer_offset is applied to.


1 LOI means Location of Interest; called “Zone” in the GPS tools and reports found within the Ground Traffic Control web application.

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