46.0 Edit Asset GPS Units

46.1 Request Data

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Use this to add, edit or delete the GPS Unit of an asset.

Setting a GPS unit to an asset will associate all path data to that asset. This path data can be used in other Zonar System reports.

Required Information
Name Description
action adminassets
operation editgps
format xml
target The asset to modify.
A request type must be specified as well (see below).
reqtype The asset to set the GPS Unit to. Acceptable values:

  • exsid Unique identifier used by the external maint system.
  • tag This is the Zonar RFID tag number.
gpsunit The unit to be set. Acceptable values:

  • Unit#  This is the Serial # of the GPS Unit.
  • Blank  This will delete the value from the asset.

Note:If no value is provided for gpsunit, or the parameter is omitted, then the gps unit will be removed from the asset.

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