6.0 Add Repair

6.1.1 Request Data – Add Repair

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Used to assign repairs to defects.
This action replaces the deprecated extaddrepair action. This allows defects to be repaired individually, rather than forcing all defects for an inspection to be repaired at once.

Required Information
Name Description
action addrepair
mechanic Identifier for the individual performing work. Note: This is the user login name.
repair_date Timestamp of when actual repair was done.
inspid Id of the inspection that initiated this work.
defectid Id of the defect to be repaired.
comment Description or repair note. Free form text, unlimited length.
format xml
Optional Information
sonumber Service / work order number. 20 character max.
norepair Flag to specify if no repair was required. Acceptable values.
true If true is the value passed, the comment parameter is not required. The duration of the repair is in seconds

Note: If no duration is supplied, 0 will be assumed.

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