67.0 Find Nearest Point (Forward Geocode)

67.1 Request Data

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Returns the nearest point to a given address of interest (specified as address, locality, district, zipcode).

The following is a list of parameters that are required for this request.

Required Information
Name Description
action showposition
operation forwardgeocode
format xml or json
address The street name part of the address of interest
locality The locality part of the address of interest (ie. city)
district The district part of the address of interest (ie. state)
zipcode The zipcode part of the address of interest


Optional Information
Name Description
external_id An ID created by your program to reference a specific address. This is meant to be used used to identify the respective point to the address when the results are returned. If no value is given the program will auto-generate an ID for every address starting at 1 to n number of records processing. This value can be alpha-numeric. This value must be unique for every address. The program will return an error if they are not.
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