69.0 Inspection Timecard

69.1 Request Data

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This call is used to return inspection information for a specified inspection that occur within a specified time period. You can filter results based on inspection status and location.

Required Information
Name Description
action showopen
operation insptimecard
format xml
start epoch timestamp
end epoch timestamp
cfg string name of inspection type
version 2 – This call is only available in version 2 of the API
  • insp – filter by inspection timestamp.
  • load – filter by database load timestamp.
  • red – only show red status inspections.
  • yellow – only show yellow status inspections.
  • green – only show green status inspections.
  • all – only show all status inspections.
  • bad – only show bad (red and yellow) status inspections.
Optional Information
location String name of location, only show inspections that occurred in this location.


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