Recent Changes

The following changes were made for the Production Release 2.00

  • If format is specified as xml the authentication failed message will be in XML rather than HTML. Details
  • Introduced Protocol version 2 to support multiple assets in an inspection and asset type and subtype attributes.
    The format of the reply from the get inspection function has changed in version 2. Clients will need to update to make use of it.
    The format for specifying assets has changed in version 2. The affected functions are get assetsmileage reporting and the expired assets report. The get asset function has been removed in version 2. The get assets function should be used instead.
  • Added type and subtype values to the asset information.
  • Added the inspection config name, boolean flags for the inspection verified and complete states, asset and operator id and defectcount to the get inspections function.
  • Deprecated the 'extgetnewinsp' action for the get inspections function. New clients should use 'showopen' action with an operation of 'insp'.
  • Deprecated the 'extgetaux' action for the get aux object function. New clients should use 'showopen' action with an operation of 'aux'.
  • Deprecated the 'extgetlocations' action for the get locations function. New clients should use 'showopen' action with an operation of 'location'.
  • Added a new function to retrieve asset yard status logs.

Protocol version 2 compatibility information.
The API server will default to version 1.07, the last version 1 protocol version. Clients must explicitly request version 2 as described in Appendix d. This should allow existing client software to continue to function.

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