The 2020 mobile communications tablet is the most versatile mobile telematics device in the transportation industry. Applicable to fleets of all vehicle types, this innovative platform works inside and outside the cab to provide your drivers with valuable productivity tools.

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  • What happens if the vehicle is in a poor cellular coverage area?

    When this occurs, the V3 unit will enter store and forward mode, storing the data until it can reconnect to the cellular network. Once the V3 unit is able to reconnect to the cellular network, it will upload the stored data and the information will be available on Ground Traffic Control for viewing. This includes any inspection data that may be stored on the V3 unit, 2010, or tablet devices.

  • I am unable to log into my Tablet; how can I troubleshoot this?

    The very first time you log into a tablet, it will require the V3 unit to be awake and have a cellular connection. It is recommended that you turn the vehicle on for two minutes prior to your first login on a vehicle.

    Properly secure the tablet into the dock and attempt to log in again.

    If still unable to log in, please check with your organization's administration to ensure that you are set up correctly in Zonar Ground Traffic Control and that you are entering the correct login credentials.

  • My Tablet is showing the wrong date and time.

    Please try these steps: Have your dispatcher or admin ensure the location filter in Ground Traffic Control is set to the correct time zone. This can be found under admin > locations > manage (select the edit option on the right side of screen). Ensure the vehicle has been running for a few minutes, remove tablet from dock, then place tablet back in the dock. Try updating the apps on your tablet (this should retrieve the latest time zone setting). While on the tablet you can go to settings > Zonar settings > update apps. Try performing a soft reset by holding the power button down for seven seconds while in the dock. The device will power down automatically, wait a few moments and then power the device back on.

  • Tablet Messages say 'Formsync Required' and driver can't read them

    If messages are showing garbled text or Formsync Required, a datasync needs to processed through the messaging tile on the tablet:

    Open the messaging application by tapping the tile, once in the application do not select new message or any existing messages.

    Press the hard menu button on the right side of the tablet below the home button. This is one of the 3 physical buttons on the right side of the tablet.

    A menu will come up with several options, of those options select 'DataSync'.

    Give the device 30-60 seconds to process the FormSync.

    Place your finger at the top of the screen and swipe downwards, you should see formsync starting or formsync complete in your notifications.

  • Why is my tablet not charging?

    ​Active charging on the 2020 is indicated by a green light near the top left corner of the tablet. You will find the indicator light in the bottom left hand corner of the Connect. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E does not have a power indicator light. Note: If the tablet already has a full battery charge then the light will not be on. In the case of tablets installed by Daimler, the charge indicator will only be on when the engine is either keyed on or running. For all other installs, it will continue to charge for a half hour after the engine has been turned off. If your engine is not running and the battery is not charging, these may be the reasons. The cabling is crucial. It is worthwhile to ensure that the cables labeled "To GPS" are in fact plugged in to the GPS. The "From Vehicle" cable should receive the 4-pin running from the vehicle power harness. For the Samsung Galaxy Tab E: Check all connections with the telematics adapter box in addition to the 4-pin running from the vehicle power harness.

  • What does the green light on the tablet mean?

    The Green light, located near the top left of the 2020 Tablet and the front bottom left of the Connect Tablet, indicates that the tablet is currently charging. The light may stay on for a period after the engine has been powered off, again this simply means that it is currently charging. If the vehicle is currently running and the light is off, it may simply mean that the battery has a full charge. This can be verified by selecting Settings > Zonar Settings > Run Device Diagnostics > Battery. You will then be able to see the battery charge percentage.

  • What causes failed inspections?

    Failed inspections are inspections that have failed to load. This can be caused by an asset or driver not being properly registered within Ground Traffic Control. "Failed to load for tagid: XXXXXXXX Standard (0)"  This means that the asset tag is not associated with a standard asset. To resolve this, you will need to assign this tag to the right asset or create a new asset for it. One way to track down which asset this tag belongs to is by looking for which asset the V3 unit is assigned to or by looking up the driver and what asset they drove during that time. "Failed to load operator for tagid: XXXXXXXX"  This means that the operator card is not associated with a driver in Ground Traffic Control. To resolve this, first you will need to find which driver was issued this card then assign this card to the correct operator. "Operator tagid XXXXXXXX is revoked" This means that an operator used a card that has been revoked. The solution is to un-revoke the operator if the associated operator is correct and should not be revoked. Another solution is to assign the operator card temporarily to the driver who did conduct the inspection. "Failed to load inspection config: XXXXXXXX" This means that the inspection configuration on the handheld used in this inspection was not loaded into your account. Please contact Zonar's Customer Care if you are facing this type of failed inspection. Once the information has been adjusted and corrected in Ground Traffic Control, you can now load the inspections correctly by clicking on "Load All" in the "Failed Inspection(s)" report.

  • Can I move my tablet from one asset to another?

    The tablets are not required to stay with one asset, they can be moved from one asset to another. The tablets will need some time with the vehicle running to download information for the new asset. NOTE: Frequently switching tablets between different assets is not advisable.

  • What do I do if my tablet won't scan driver cards or tags?

    Ideally, the indicator light will turn blue when the tablet is ready to scan (top and bottom left corner for the 2020, bottom left for the Connect), and there will be an audible "beep" when a successful scan has taken place. This will happen while on the login screen and when performing an EVIR inspection. If this does not occur, try the below steps: Be sure that you are scanning using bottom left corner of the tablet, this is where the scanner is located. Try scanning other tags or cards. If it scans other items, then the tablet may not be the issue. You can also try scanning the tag with another tablet to confirm that the tag is the issue. Check tag placement. Thick pieces of metal, like the frame of the vehicle, can sometimes interfere with the scan. Try moving the tag and scanning it before sticking it in place. Try a "Hard Reset" on the tablet by inserting a paperclip into the reset button. If the tablet still will not scan despite these steps, then the tablet may need to be replaced.

  • Can Zonar edit my logs or ruleset?

    No; driver logs are federally regulated records which must be edited either by the driver, a dispatcher, or an admin within a company. As the driver logs are directly impacted by the HOS ruleset assigned to a driver, Zonar is prohibited from changing or assigning rulesets to drivers.

  • My tablet is displaying this error message: "Application Not Responding."

    If you are receiving this error, try these steps: 1) Power device completely off, then power device back on. (Press power button then select power off, then power back on.) 2) Perform a soft reset. Hold the power button down for ten seconds. Device will automatically power down. Power the device back on. 3) Use a paperclip to perform a hard reset. Locate the "reset" button on the back of the tablet. There will be a small hole. Insert the paperclip into the hole and push the reset; you should hear and feel a click. The screen should shut off. Power the tablet back on.

  • How do I order new equipment or replacement parts?

    To order serialized items such as V3 units, 2010 handhelds, or tablets, please contact your designated Sales Representative. ​ For non-serialized items such as cables, vehicle mounts, and operator and student cards, there are two ways to order:

  • My tablet is showing me an SH00- error code. (i.e. SH001, SH002, SH003, etc.) What does this mean, and how can I fix it?

    This is a server timeout error which occurs only on First Time Boot. It is attempting to establish a connection with the telematics unit in the vehicle so it can download information about the customer account and the vehicle, but is unable to get the information within the time frame of one minute. Please note that users should only encounter these errors on the first time a tablet is booted up.

    Timeout errors can occur shortly after making changes or corrections to the asset. The telematics unit is still exchanging information with the server, which causes additional traffic and may slow down transmission of first time boot data.

    These errors can also occur if the asset is set up incorrectly in Zonar Ground Traffic Control. Assets that are not assigned correctly will encounter these errors.

    Please contact your dispatcher or a system administrator to make sure the asset is set up correctly.

    Once correcting the asset information in Ground Traffic Control clearing the error will take additional time and may be impacted by the quality of your connection. Once the server is able to return the requested information to the tablet within the one minute time frame.

  • Why am I unable to edit my drivers' logs?

    This may be due to several factors: Your user account does not have the HoS Dispatch permission applied. The driver is not assigned to you as a dispatcher. There is a Pending Edit submitted by the driver for the same duty status change you are attempting to edit. Please check your driver entry, Dispatch Admin page, and ZLog ruleset to verify the information above.

  • My driver logs show me in "Drive" or "On duty" even though the vehicle is powered off.

    The driver may not have placed himself in "off duty" at the end of the duty shift. The tablet may have been undocked or shut off prior to the vehicle being powered off. If you find that this has occurred, please contact your dispatcher to have a log edit applied. To avoid accidental recording of "Drive" or " On Duty" time, always ensure that logouts occur in the following order: Turn Ignition Off > Change Duty Status > Log Out > Shut tablet down if desired.

  • Is it okay to power off the tablet while driving?

    We do not advise powering off the tablet while in motion as it can lead to complications related to driver logs. This can lead to potential overstated or understated drive times in Zonar Logs. Also, the driver will be unable to receive any potentially important messages from dispatch.

  • An application is not responding; how do I get my tablet to respond again?

    If you receive a "pop-up" indicating that an app has crashed, simply tap on the "Force Close" option. If the app is continuously crashing try a "Soft Reset." Hold down the power button for seven seconds and the tablet will automatically power down. Once that is completed, power the tablet on again, and try using the application. If the app continues to crash try a "Hard Reset." On the back of the tablet, there is a small hole labeled "RESET." Insert a paper clip until the screen goes black and hold it there for ~10 seconds. Once that is completed, power the tablet on again and try using the application. If the app continues to crash, it will be necessary to speak to your administrator about acquiring a replacement.

  • Why is my 2020 not scanning the tags?

    The 2020 has RFID readers in each corner, on either side of the flashlight. For optimal tag scanning, point either of these corners at the tag. Holding the tablet corner at 45 degree angle to the tag is recommended.

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