Zonar Coach

Protect drivers and fleets with the most effective in-cab driver coaching solution. Coach provides real-time audible violation warnings so drivers can take corrective action when it's most critical to mitigating accidents. The solution monitors the road and provides voice feedback when drivers exceed posted speed limits, tailgate, lane drift, don't stop at stop signs, brake too hard, corner too fast, or rapidly accelerate.

Zonar Coach Installation (2:48)

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  • Why am I not seeing video or images for all incidents in Zonar Coach

    Because of the high data consumption that occurs when many incidents are uploaded to the back end fleet dashboard, an algorithm determines how many videos/images can be uploaded per driver trip.

    Note: This only pertains to the back end fleet dashboard. Drivers will see all incident video/images on their tablet for 24 hours.

    The number of event incidents uploaded are limited by the length of each trip:
    Trip Length Max Number of Incidents
    Less than 1 hour 3
    1-2 hours 5
    2-4 hours 8
    4-6 hours 10
    6+ hours 15

    The incidents per trip are ordered based on the priority:

    Priority Incident Type
    1. Hard Braking
    2. Speed Violation
    3. Stop Sign Violation
    4. Tailgating (following too close)
    5. Cornering
    6. Acceleration
    7. Lane Drift

    For each event category, the incidents will be ordered by timestamp (i.e. first occurred, first uploaded).

    All incidents in each prioritized event category will be uploaded before moving to the next category until the maximum number of incidents by trip duration is reached.

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